Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our New Doorless Shower!

Yes, you read that right...a doorless shower and it's fabulous too! My husband and I were able to enjoy our first shower in it on Thanksgiving day, we absolutely love it!

After Christmas last year, we had some strange flooding in the flooring of our kitchen, we thought maybe there was a crack in the foundation, we called my dad who is in property management, and he sent one of his guys over to check it out. They had to pull up our wood laminate flooring (it was warped anyway) to check for the leak and luckily it was not a crack in the foundation, but the water was coming from the corner of the kitchen window, which upon further inspection was also warped and cracking. Our shower is directly above the kitchen window, so we logically concluded a pipe must be leaking from our shower. We were told to call our insurance company and report the damage, they sent a plumber out who thought he had found the problem and supposedly fixed it, they also sent contractors who proceeded to tear the kitchen apart and take pictures for their report. The insurance said they would not pay for the repairs and left our kitchen worse off then it originally was. After we recovered from the outrageousness of it all, we got on with our lives...with a torn up house. A couple of months ago we were able to start repairing the damage, we had planned to fix the most noticeable problem first, the flooring in our kitchen. We decided we wanted to go with porcelain tile for the whole downstairs floor, patch up the walls and paint the main areas of the house (our children had done quite a bit of damage to our walls).

As soon as the floors were done and the paint dry, our shower gave out again leaking water from the kitchen window...again! We caught it right away this time and dried up the water, no more damage was done thankfully, but we realized we had to take care of our shower now instead of later. So operation doorless shower took place a year sooner than we had wanted but we are happy with the results!

We will have to hold off on painting the walls until later, but we were able to put matching tile down on the floor of the bathroom that once had carpet...yes, carpet in our bathroom (put there by previous owners), not very practical at all!

Thank you Lord for this wonderful luxury!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cosmetic Crowns...

I'm feeling a bit nervous and excited at the same time! Today I will most likely (according to my husband who has crowns) be getting temporary crowns put on my two front teeth...two perfectly good teeth by the way, except for the ugly stains from having taken the tetracycline anti-biotic when I was a little girl, before they knew what it would do to children's teeth.

I have been pretty self conscious of my stained teeth since I was old enough to care about my looks...and boys :) I never really looked into getting them fixed, since I figured it would cost thousands of dollars, so I learned to love and accept myself for who I am and how I look. I managed to snag a handsome husband, who later revealed to me that yes, he did notice my stained teeth, but it wasn't enough to turn him off (of course I am also deaf too, and that didn't deter him either!). I know beauty is more than skin deep, my life is living proof of that, but sometimes a gift lands smack dab in your lap when you least expect it! As I have mentioned in a earlier post, we have excess money in my husbands FSA account that needs to be spent by the end of the year. Part of it has already gone to an eye exam and new frames, but still there is much left (thank you Young Living Essential oils...but that is for another post). My new dentist happened to ask me about getting crowns to cover my stained teeth or rather just the ones that are really noticeable, and thought my insurance might cover them. So I agreed to see if they would, but alas it turned out they did not. My husband saw how much it would cost for two of them and said we had plenty in our FSA to cover them so here I am...nervous and excited! Two will be done this year on my two front teeth, next year we will do two more, my canines.

If you look closely, you can see what I mean about my's not that bad and I admit it, but I have a chance to cover it so I'm going to take it!

Please wish me luck and I will post some after pictures when the procedure is done!

Have you ever had crown put on for cosmetic reasons? I'd love to hear your stories!