Saturday, August 11, 2012

Easy Homemade Air Freshener Using Young Living Essential Oils

I have a new page on my blog called Uses for Young Living Essential Oils, I will be listing all posts pertaining to EO's on that page as well, to make it a little easier to find. I hope that you will find these tips and projects useful.

Why should you use Young Living Essential Oils?

For myself, if I purchase a product with my hard earned money, I want it to do what it says it will do or be what it says it is! When it comes to Essential Oils, God's medicine chest that he bestowed to us, I want it to be pure and and potent...the very best, since it will be rubbed on the skin of my children, husband and myself not to mention taken internally. That's right, with only the exception of a few oils, you can safely ingest Young Living EO's! I like that peace of mind!

Here are some links to further explain why Young Living Essential Oils are the best on the market and why I have chosen to be a distributor for this company.

Young Living-choose your country

Young Living Essential Oil's Seed to Seal Process

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Young Living Membership Options

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Homemade Air Fresheners Using Essential Oils

I came across these two links that show you how to make your own natural air fresheners with out chemicals or harmful ingredients. These projects looked easy, fun and very practical, not to mention a perfect opportunity to use some Young Living Essential Oils :)

Super Simple Homemade Air Freshener by The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

Easy Baking Soda Air Freshener by Smashed Peas and Carrots

I loved both ideas so I made both...

The large jar with the heart nailed on the lid is for the kids bathroom, the cute owl one is for my daughter's room and the jar with the pink design is the downstairs bathroom. I will be making more for the other rooms of the house. I would use relaxing scents for bedrooms such as Peace and Calming, Lavender and Orange.

I used Joy in the jar that is for the downstairs bathroom, I told my husband I wanted everyone to come out of the bathroom feeling joyful, he said he always feels joyful coming out of the bathroom anyway lol. For the the other two jars, I used Orange, it's one of my kids favorites.

Other oils that can be used...


Citrus Fresh
Peace and Calming
Christmas Spirit (my favorite)

These are just a few, there are many to choose from!

Please do your body and your family's body a favor, don't buy the chemical laden air fresheners anymore!


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