Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Parties for Eilan and an Anniversary

Six years ago, May 1st, my husband and I celebrated our ninth Anniversary, we also welcomed our little girl into the world that day as well, I can't think of a more perfect gift than that!

This year for her birthday, my wonderful friend and sister in Christ, Paula, suggested we have a Birthday Tea Party. She said she had everything all ready, teapots, tea cups, saucers, warmers, plates, 3 tiered stands ( we did use one of mine) all we needed was some giggly girls! Thanks to Paula and her two beautiful daughters, Katie and Bonnie, Eilan had an elegant, gorgeous, fun filled party.

The beautiful young ladies (aka giggly girls)

Some of the finger foods...they were all so good and most of them were gluten free. We had a few sandwiches on regular bread for the ladies that did not eat gluten free.

Beautiful table!

Love the colors!

Paula has everything, gorgeous teapots and warmers too! 

Birthday girl and her love for all things pigs :)

The young ladies had their own beautifully decorated table.

My wonderful Sisters in Christ.

I loved spending the day with these lovely ladies!

Ready to sing the Birthday song

Paula, helping Eilan while she blows out her candle.

Cake balls that Paula and I made, they were supposed to be cake pops...oops. Tasted delicious though and nobody knew they were supposed to be cake pops.

Chantel won the sugar cube stacking game!

Eilan showing off some of the gifts she received. She now has her own  pretty hat and is ready for future tea parties.

I am ashamed to say, I did not contribute much, all the beauty and creativity you see is from Paula and her talented daughters! I did however, learn so much in working with them and planning the party, now all I need is to start collecting tea things :)

Thank you so much Paula, Katie and Bonnie for all the hard work you did to give my daughter a day to remember, we love you!!

If this wasn't enough, Eilan also had another party with my family! We went to my Dad's house for the evening to hang out and have some ice cream cake and that was a lot of fun too. The cousins had a chance to play together and catch up on all the things that have happened since Christmas. Meanwhile the adults were able to talk and catch up as well. I love talking to my Sis-in-law, Camilla, she and I have some good conversations on health and well, just about everything. We definitely need to find more excuses to get the family together despite our busy schedules.

Eilan with her Grandpa (My Dad)

My brother Garm and his daughter Madison

Cousins and best buds! Kade, Mattias and Aiden

Mattias and Aiden. 

Eilan and her cousin Madison, they love each other too.

Eric and his baby girl!

Last but not least, to my handsome, hunky husband, I love you so much and thank you for fifteen wonderful years together, may the Lord bless us with many more years together! My husband surprised me on our Anniversary with a waffle maker I had been wanting, I opened it and he said "OK, now make some waffles" I laughed and told him to wait till Saturday. On Saturday morning, I made us all some delicious waffles with my new waffle maker that I absolutely love!

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