Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Food Philosophy.

I just wanted to share with you my thoughts of what healthy, nourishing food is and what I try to feed myself and my family. I believe the best food for us is wholesome, unadulterated and unprocessed as possible in other words as close to the way God made it. Sadly, I doubt there is much, if any foods out there that have not been changed by man to what he thinks is better...really, who can do better than God?! He made all things perfectly during his creation Gen. 1:31. Nevertheless, I try to purchase as much organic, whole grains, and whole fruits and vegetables as I can and eat them without cooking them too much if possible. I do not like complicated recipes (not that I have anything against them) because that's just me and the way I am right now...quick and easy is how I like it. I'm guilty of eating white flour products and other processed foods of convenience too, they are cheap and easy to get. Fortunately, I have noticed more and more people becoming aware of the need for healthier foods and are speaking with their money, supermarkets are taking notice and are now selling an increasing variety of whole grains and organic goods!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I now have a supply of fresh eggs regularly and I just love that! This year we are growing watermelons, tomatoes and pumpkins in our garden, it feels so good to be proactively taking control of what goes into our bodies. I am learning about eating raw and am trying to incorporate more raw foods into our meals. I have eaten raw cheese and it's delicious, as is raw butter. I have been thinking about getting raw milk for the kids cereals but have not done so's a bit of a drive to our nearest health food store. I am working on eliminating all processed sugars as well, they are just as bad as white flour products, spiking our blood sugar levels and contributing to obesity. I am obese myself and I know how I got this way...eating too many sweets and bread products whether they were processed or not! ;-)

I sincerely hope I have inspired you in some way to start eating more natural, wholesome foods as they are full of nutrition that our bodies use to grow and repair our tissues, we truly are what we eat!

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