Saturday, July 31, 2010

First tomato of the year!

This little, bitty thing is our first ripe tomato of the year! My husband decided to grow our tomato plants from seeds instead of purchasing them half grown, he wanted to see how well he would do and if they would grow to be thriving tomato plants. I would say he did quite well, we have 17 tomato plants growing in our back yard, all grown from seeds except a few, which he purchased from our local hardware store to see if they grew better or differently from our heirloom plants. So far they are growing the same, although the plants he purchased from the hardware store are called Early Girls, because they produce tomatoes earlier. So this golf ball sized one here is one of the Early Girls. We were all quite excited to taste the fruit of my husbands loving, painstaking labor. He divided it up into four pieces ( our oldest son does not like raw tomato) and I added a smidgen of sea salt to each piece...the result...much better than store bought, but not as good as the Clint Eastwood Rowdy Red, which I had the privilege of trying last year. We do have some Clint Eastwoods growing but the tomatoes are not ripe yet, rest assured I'll be posting when they are ;-)

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