Friday, November 19, 2010

ICAP Field Trip- San Juan Capistrano Mission

ICAP is a Charter School that my kids go to once a week to supplement their homeschooling curriculum. We feel this combination gives our kids a more well rounded education. This semester, both of my boys are taking History classes and my younger son is learning about California History, hence the purpose of our field trip.

My younger son, Aiden (with some of his classmates) is second from left and my oldest son, Kade is the one in orange shielding his eyes. Eilan my daughter is standing next to him at the end.
 I remember visiting this very Mission as a young child on a school field trip as well. It was nice to be able to take my kids and re explore this beautiful historical site. I love the look of the old buildings and the gorgeous designs that were painted on the walls, doors and ceilings...they just don't make things like that anymore!

They allowed the children to touch and play with animal pelts, toys and costumes...they loved that!

My husband helping our daughter figure out how to use one of the toys.

Wouldn't Eilan have made such a cute little Indian?

There were beautiful gardens and flowers all around the Mission as well as fountains containing Koi fish (this was also a big hit among the kids).

We very much enjoyed our glimpse of California history! If you are ever in the area of San Juan Capistrano, stop by and pay them a visit.


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